Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Perth: a hollow land...

We arrived in Perth on the 20th of August. We had decided to stop a few days in WA with some friends on our way back to Europe. Perth is a city isolated from the rest of Australia if not from the rest of the world. It is nearer to Singapore than to Sydney. The nearest Australian city is Adelaide at more than 2500km distance. Therefore, although Perth is an expanding city, it is still a long way away from being cosmopolitan or slightly “worldly”. Having said so, the place is beautiful - but extremely dull too. The architecture is new, chaotic, random; with a clear lack of a proper town planning strategy. There are excavators and site works everywhere. It is surprisingly dirtier than many other Australian cities. Except for an outstanding nature, beauty is not to be seen in this city. Perth doesn't seem to have a soul. It is a city wothout a city atmosphere. With over 1 million people, Perth is meant more for business than for living. No one can argue the amazing natural beauty of Western Australia but there is more to life than a beautiful seascape or a nice cold beer. Civilisation (mainly marked by English settlers) is not only about having a big house with a garden and a pool protected by massive fences. Civilisation means also history, traditions and interesting people. All things that Perth (and maybe Australia as a whole) I'm afraid, cannot offer.

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