Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ten things (+1) you can do to stop climate change

  1. Choose sustainable transport: walk, cycle or use public transport such as buses or trains to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Eat better food: grow your own food or buy locally grown products; avoid buying out-of-season products as they have to be imported from far away places - i.e. burn energy and produce more carbon dioxide.
  3. Dispose responsibly and recycle: buy products with minimum or no packaging and recycle your waste.
  4. Inflate your tyres: check your car regularly to make sure that your tyres are fully inflated as fully inflated tyres consum less petrol and reduce carbon emissions.
  5. Insulate your home: make sure your home is properly insulated so that it keeps the heat in during the winter and stays cool during the summer.
  6. Choose energy-saving heating systems: underfloor heating and energy saving boilers are more efficient and reduce carbon emissions; furthermore, the quality of the air is improved.
  7. Buy renewable energy: install solar panels or buy energy from suppliers that produce energy from alternative sources.
  8. Save energy: use compact fluorescent light bulbs and unplug your appliances when not in use.
  9. Buy less, use more: consumerism doesn't make us happy so try to buy fewer things and reuse them whenever possible.
  10. Exploit technology: use internet or new available technologies to avoid commuting (e.g. conference calls instead of meetings); if you can, work from home.
  11. Use less water: have a shower instead of a bath; collect rain water in your garden to use for irrigation (water treatments used to produce drinking water require a lot of energy) and wash your car or your courtyard as little as possible.


giuseppe monaco said...

Dear Vanessa, i'm sure that points 5/6/7, if really developped, can give the most important values of reduction of co2 emission but as you know actually in italy we have about an important technicals directives (DLgs.192 & 311 - october 2005 2006) but as the old diretive (Dpr 412) very few people bring these into operations..hold the line!!

Frank Boggio said...

On the food side: Eat less meat. It is not efficient way of consuming food because it has a massive amount of embedded energy. Furthermore most animals emit methane (21 time more powerful grennhouse gas than carbon dioxide), which is more of a problem than people would like to think.