Monday, July 10, 2006


Germany 2006 - The Italians have done it! Who would have thought so after all the scandals that had hit Italian football just prior to the beginning of the World Cup?! These players went through ups and downs but this victory surely proves one thing: we Italians need to hit rock bottom in order to be able to fly high and touch the sky. In adverse situations we seem to be able to give it our best shot. This is the beauty and, at the same time, disgrace of this intriguing country. Well done boys! From the silence of our Australian apartment, on the other side of the planet, I was able to feel a bit of that magic too. And I cried as well, for the first time after we lost to Argentina on penalties during Italy 1990 – all other defeats were “better” received. Unfortunately, the final wasn’t as epic as any Italian would have wanted it to be – or was it? I am sure Materazzi didn’t exactly talk about his past holiday to Zidane…Nevertheless, Zizou should have known better. He is not new to such shameful acts. Someone says is the last act of his genius. Maybe. Still, I think FIFA have made a right fool of themselves by awarding him with the Golden Ball for Germany 2006. If we want this sport to be some sort of model for the young generation, then someone else should have won the title. Perhaps Cannavaro who was consistent and well behaved for the entire duration of the tournament. Anyway, this is already history. So is our victory. A big star which we will all pin on our Italian “mad” hearts until the next disaster comes along…

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Casse said...

Cara Vanessa,
ma che piacere leggere il tuo blog. Una che parla italiano, a voce alta! E mica solo per la grammatica. Io anche vivo in Australia, e anche io sono da poco piu' di un anno qui. Sono finito nella Sheppartonia (Vic) ad insegnare italiano nelle scuole superiori. Figurati! Anche io ho vissuto il Mondiale da emigrato (era la prima volta per me) e come ho goduto, come ho goduto! Pensa che vivo con un cuoco francese e ho un amico tedesco che vive a Wangaratta.
Beh, tanti auguri per il nuovo lavoro e soprattutto per il pupo. Chiamalo Gennaro, sara' un campione del mondo.

Continuero' a leggere il tuo blog e magari ne apro pure io uno.

Ciao, Ciro Mazzotta.